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Laura Antenucci

Healing is extremely challenging. One thing in my experience that takes some of the challenge away is human connection. I started my career in the clinical field with the desire to connect with other humans, honor their unique experience, and aid in support while holding space for their suffering and their recovery. I have found that for me human connection helped me survive adversity and thrive through healing.

I have been a practitioner since 2020 in Cuyahoga County working with Dually Diagnosed clients. I have been able to establish thriving relationships with doctors and clinicians in the community to aid in my client’s comprehensive treatment. I completed my practicum in 2018-2019 with private practices and American Red Cross with Service to the Armed Forces in Mind and Body healing work. Majority of my experiences have been serving populations struggling with trauma and attachment wounding.

I have my master’s in social work from The Ohio State University. I completed my clinical time in North Carolina working with populations in Coastal Carolina and a local Marine Corps Air Station. From there I aided in opening a dance studio focusing on body positivity, expressive arts, and mindfulness with my students. In November of 2021 I started my EMDR training and certification. EMDR is one of the interventions that I offer to aid in treating attachment wounding to complex post-traumatic stress disorders. After seeing trauma from military careers, to supporting children through attachment wounding I decided that EMDR and other trauma informed approaches can be applied for profound symptom relief both in mind and in body. I incorporate holistic interventions to aid in the whole approach to human care and treating human suffering.

I provide psychotherapy to children, teens, and adults. I specialize in EMDR to cultivate rapid healing and relief for my clients. I believe in eclectic and evidence-based interventions such as combining DBT skills, CBT, ACT, MI and mindfulness practice to create tangible change and symptom alleviation for clients. By using an eclectic approach each client’s treatment is unique and tailored to their life experiences and needs. I have worked and specialized in working with clients through dual diagnosis, mood disorders, complex trauma, feeding and eating disorders, attachment disorders, and impulse control and behavioral issues. I offer an eclectic approach to serve clients with skills and tools while utilizing EMDR to process events in their lives that cause trouble, symptoms and disturbances. I believe in walking with my client’s through their struggles and celebrating their wins. I rely heavily on creating safety and strength through trust in my relationship with each of my clients. I value my clients’ unique human experiences and I am humbled to get to be a part of their lives.

I love being mental health provider and getting to know each of my clients. I look forward to learning about the clients’ lives and aiding as a guide through my client’s human experience as well as aiding in independent healing solutions and recovery.

Elizabeth Kobak MA, LPC, ATR-P

   My passion as a counselor and art therapist is in trauma-focused therapy and sensorimotor art therapy approaches with clients. My thesis project during my master’s degree program at Ursuline College was focused in program protocols using mindful based clay work for trauma and sexual violence victims. My therapeutic approaches are solution based (CBT, DBT), mindfulness based, psychoeducation, and art therapy.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have assisted clients in identify individual coping skills and strategies to maintain mental health symptoms and improve daily functioning.  

   I enjoy working with adolescents and adults find healing and meaning to their lives by discovering their strengths and gifts. I believe people thrive and grow when they understand their “truths” by learning and discovering what happened to them in their story by encouraging body and mind awareness on their path of healing and personal growth. I help others by using creative materials and evidenced-based approaches to unearth their inner wisdom and healing.

   I have worked in the mental health field as residential support staff, crisis worker, case manager, school-base counselor and counselor/ art therapist for the last 10 years.  I offer appropriate creative materials in a gentle and safe environment to help clients discover their strengths and inner wisdom by using sensorimotor, body-focused, trauma-informed counseling and art therapy approaches. I offer art making approaches of process over product to incorporate Somatic Experiencing, Person-centered, Humanistic, Strengths-focused approach and mindfulness practice to my therapy sessions.

   You are not alone; I will walk with you through the stages of healing. I have had my bouts with my truths of my life story and I connect with anyone on their path of healing and self-growth.  My commitment and intention as counselor and art therapist is to support, assist, and meet you where you are and help guide you through the healing process. Everyone deserves to live healthy and hopeful lives during their journey.

Felicity Lee

   Hi everyone!

   A little background… I initially started my career journey with a major in biology/integrated science and a minor in psychology. My initial intent was to be a high school biology teacher. I loved the idea of teaching biology because science was always one of my early loves in school. However, the further I got into the degree, the more I realized that I really wanted to be in a more clinical setting where I was treating and serving others. The psychology courses I was taking at the time really hit that mark and made me realize that the counseling path was a better fit for me. These classes fit that desire to serve others and remove barriers. I loved that counseling and that field combined my love of scient with the ability to help others achieve their goals and move past difficult situations in their lives. I completed my undergrad with the biology degree and shortly finished a masters degree in social work. From there, I began in my field of counseling. 

   I am a clinical social worker who has experience in both group and individual counseling in hospital and outpatient locations. I began my journey in counseling with a lot of clinical experience. My internships were at outpatient settings, one being a hospital and one being a private facility that focuses on substance use disorder treatment. I then worked at a hospital that did outpatient group programming for both mental health and substance use disorders. The mental health program was Dialectical Behavioral therapy based. The substance use disorder program utilized Cognitive Behavioral therapy along with a healthy, developed support system.

    I focus on the treatment of mood disorders, substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, PTSD and dual diagnosis clients. I work with children as young as 16 years old (adolescents) up through adulthood. My main goal of counseling is to help clients remove barriers and help to empower them to make healthy changes in their life while also working through difficult emotions and experiences. I have experience using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and crisis management along with a trauma informed perspective.

   In my spare time, I am a full-time mom to a 5 month old who may be the cutest baby ever (yes, I am slightly biased). I also have a wonderful fiancé and two German shepherds, one of which is a puppy, at home. We all love to spend time hiking and outdoors, especially in the summer time. We recently bought a house and have been enjoying projects to make it our dream home for our family. I personally enjoy gardening, basically anything outside, cooking (and eating), along with spending time with my family. 

Kristine Graham

   Through laughter, movement and play: this is how children learn.

   Kristine believes that a child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. Both young children and teens struggle with stress and emotional dysregulation now more than ever. With early mental, emotional, and social education, kids can build healthy coping and emotional management skills to carry with them into adulthood. 

   As a registered nurse with over 10 years of experience, Kristine currently works in pediatric psychiatry. In addition to her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and is a second-year graduate student in the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at Ohio University. 

   Kristine specializes in working with children ages pre-K through 17 years old. A registered yoga teacher (RYT200) since 2018, she obtained additional trauma-informed yoga certification for children and adolescents in order to offer yoga’s mental health benefits to her patients. She has experience working with children and teens struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harming behaviors, self-esteem challenges, eating disorders, gender identity issues, ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorder. She enjoys weaving mental health education and emotional management into creative modalities that children and teens enjoy, such as yoga, physical movement, music, dance, poetry, games, and art. Whether teaching group yoga lessons at the hospital and local elementary schools, or working with a child one-on-one, Kristine tailors her interactions to meet the unique interests and needs of each individual child.

   Kristine makes mental health a priority in her own life in order to be a positive example and role model for the children she works with. In 2017, she added Reiki Master certification, a Japanese healing and relaxation technique, to her toolbelt after finding it beneficial in her own life. She has since offered private reiki sessions to adult clients, valuing focusing on the health of a person, rather than illness. During sessions, she enjoys creating a space of wellness and peace for clients and offers relaxation techniques that can later be used at work and home.  

   At Evolution Counseling and Yoga, Kristine offers mental health focused group yoga classes for children and teens ages 4-17. She offers private reiki session to clients 18 and older.