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Research shows interactions between the mind, body, spirit and have a profound effect on well-being. We are clinically trained, licensed, and certified providers who offer expertise in a variety of interventions and modalities in this integrative approach to health and well-being.  We believe hallmarks of a good intervention include individualized, evidence based, theory driven, wellness oriented, creative, and body-mind-spirit encompassing. We work collaboratively with you, attuning to your hopes, and needs as we select the approaches that best tap into your inherent capacity to heal and be well in a way that is tailored authentic, and accessible to you.

Below are more specifics on just some of the treatment modalities that we use with our clients.


Experience evidence-based, integrative approaches to counseling tailored to meet you needs, growth, and change.


Experience the recalibrating effect as your body, mind, and spirit restore and relax with our reiki services.


Let the rhythm of your breath lead the way, move your body, and light your fire. Our yoga classes are designed to help you reconnect to your powerful self and the power of community.


Experience evidence-based, integrative approaches to counseling tailored to meet you needs, growth, and change.


Evolution is at the core of the counseling process. We are here to support you in a process of change, development, unfolding, emitting, and growth to your truest self.  We work collaboratively with you, attuning to your goals, hopes, and needs to select the approaches and resources that best fit your therapeutic process. This process is ultimately about tapping into your inherent capacity to heal and be well. The process is the value, not to progress or product. The process leads to the good stuff, empowering you to let go, accept, heal, adapt, grow, and evolve along your journey. Our clinically trained, licensed staff offer expertise in a variety of modalities to empower you in meaningful growth in your life. We support the evolution of you. We serve clients age 6 and up. This includes children, tweens, teens, young adults, adults, and perennials.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a therapy that is based on the principles that psychological problems are based on unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving and focuses on addressing thinking errors and patterns as well as behavioral change to cope and improve or resolve problems.  CBT uses a variety of cognitive and behavioral techniques.  We use these interventions as well as interventions from many psychotherapeutic modalities, including acceptance and commitment therapy, compassion focused therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, exposure therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and solution focused therapy.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma.  EMDR therapy helps people of all ages. We use EMDR with a wide range of challenges from trauma and depression to anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks. EMDR incorporates elements from many different treatment approaches and comes from the lens that our brain is meant to heal from disturbances and sometimes gets stuck and needs a little help.  We like EMDR because it is not just skill and knowledge put into practice, changing behavior.  It is an experience where something bad no longer feels true and something good feels true.  Ever know something is or isn’t true, but despite our knowledge, it does or doesn’t feel true?  EMDR helps us feel the feels and experience the experiences to support our healing.

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Experience the recalibrating effect as your body, mind, and spirit restore and relax with our reiki services.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to promote well-being.  Reiki (ray-key) translates to vital life force energy.  Though it is a spiritual energy, it is not tied to any one religion. We all have energy flowing through our being.  It can be measured by science!  A healthy human being’s energy vibrates from 62-72 MHz.  A human with a vibration level around 60MHz is susceptible to cold or flu, at 58MHz, they are vulnerable to disease. A Reiki session helps recalibrate your body, mind, and spirit and raises your energy level back to 62-72 MHz, restoring balance relaxation, and healing.  When experiencing Reiki, the practitioner administers Reiki by gently laying hands on another and sometimes hovering their hands over another.  The practitioner is a channel for energy guiding it to the individual.  The energy flows to where it needs to go, restoring and fortifying our being. Reiki is used to support healing and wellness for a variety of issues at a variety of places, including the Cleveland Clinic, your local yoga studio, and your counselor’s office.

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Let the rhythm of your breath lead the way, move your body, and light your fire. Our yoga classes are designed to help you reconnect to your powerful self and the power of community.


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice meaning to tie, link, or yoke.  Yoga involves linking physical postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation.  Exploration of self through this breathing, movement, stillness, and space allows up to be present with ourselves. Opportunities abound to connect the mind, body, and spirit unfurling, flowing, and shifting on all planes.  Connection extends outside of ourselves and to those around us when practiced in a group or community.  These classes are offered in a group setting and while it may be therapeutic, we do not have a clinical focus.  This yoga class is the perfect pause for our busy minds and busy lives!

Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy

Trauma-Informed Yoga is an approach creating a safe, sensitive space in which yoga students can learn to regulate their nervous system through connection with the breath, movement, and increased body awareness.  Yoga teaches us to reconnect to our bodies and move forward into the world with openness. It builds mindfulness, self-compassion, locus of control, and strength.  Instruction is mindful that trauma is stored in our body as well as our mind.  The teacher guides with awareness of potential triggers, sensitivities, and heightened need for safety.  The practice is done as a modality for healing with a clinical intention.  Doctors Bessel van der Kolk, Dan Siegle, Pat Ogden, and Peter Levine (leading researchers in trauma recovery and body psychotherapy) endorse yoga practices as an integral part of treatment.  These sessions are offered in group and individual sessions for purpose of therapeutic interventions.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapy

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapy is an adjunctive treatment for complex trauma.  Living in your body in the aftermath of trauma can be challenging.  In addition to the benefits of Trauma Informed Yoga, TSY provides space for individuals to explore choice and empowerment in their body through invitation and choice options.  There is ample opportunity to draw awareness to internal experience and introception.  It can often be done in a chair and involves gentle movement and choices rather than following cues of poses.  This process provides an experience of agency within one’s body with little expectations of what that needs to look like.  This is offered on an individual level within counseling sessions and in addition to counseling sessions for those healing from complex trauma.

Current Yoga Groups

Teachers are Humans First Group

This group is a donation-based group lovingly crafted for educators in the community.   The demands on teachers has never been higher.  Time to devote to their primary role, being a human being, has never seemed scarcer.   During this hour-long group, bask in the abundance that is available to you.  An offering of a gentle yoga practice complete with warm towels, essential oils, and savasana assists is followed up with Reiki, and Guided Meditation.  Experience support for you, your needs, and your boundaries. The only requirement is for you to show up and be present with yourself.   Watch the magic unfold when you experience the results of human being.  This group is organic in nature and will flow with the needs of our education community.  First group coming December 2019!

Kids Yoga Group

Namaste and Play!  This yoga group for kids offers all the benefits of traditional yoga and all kinds of fun!  Movement, breathing, relaxation, and meditation are often combined with storytelling, games, crafts, dance, and song.  Benefits include increased focus, awareness, intentionality, personal responsibility, patience, self-compassion, relaxation, self-regulation, and sense of safety and control.  Ages 6-9 welcome.


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We are forming new groups and would love to consult with you a private group or cultivate a group that fits your needs.

We are always happy to provide a referral if someone else in the community can better assist you.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Services range from a rate of $60.00-$200.00/ session.

Group rates available for Reiki and Yoga upon request, group, or event.

Rates for speaking engagements, presentations, and trainings available upon request or event.

Secure credit card payment is available through our patient portal on Simple Practice as well as in office.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, HSA/FSA cards. Cash and Checks are also accepted.

Private Pay

Private pay is an option.  Private pay is just that, private.

It guarantees you and your loved ones the privacy of keeping your health care information between you and your therapist.

Private pay gives you the power to choose the right therapist for you, rather than the choice being dictated by who is in your insurance network.

Private pay can increase the commitment you have to the therapeutic process.

When you have a little more skin in the game, it can help you maximize your investment in the process.

Insurance & EAPs

We are currently in network with Aetna, Anthem, Caresource, Cigna, Medicaid, Medical Mutual, and Paramount.  We also accept Aetna EAP, Impact Solutions EAP, and Cigna EAP.

We are in the process of contracting with other insurance partners and EAPs, so stay tuned for more to come!

If your insurance is not listed, you are welcome to contact us regarding exploring out of network billing.