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Evolution is at the core of the counseling process. We are here to support you in a process of change, development, unfolding, emitting, and growth to your truest self.  We work collaboratively with you, attuning to your goals, hopes, and needs to select the approaches and resources that best fit your therapeutic process.  This process is ultimately about tapping into your inherent capacity to heal and be well.  The process is the value, not to progress or product.  The process leads to the good stuff, empowering you to let go, accept, heal, adapt, grow, and evolve along your journey.  Our clinically trained, licensed staff offer expertise in a variety of modalities to empower you in meaningful growth in your life.  We support the evolution of you. We serve clients age 6 and up.  This includes children, tweens, teens, young adults, adults, and perennials.